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To make a donation please send your check payable to:

"New York Congregational Home For The Aged Foundation"

135 Linden Blvd.
Brooklyn, NY 11226

Tell us if your gift is in honor or memory of someone. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The New York Congregational Home for the Aged Foundation was created to serve as the fundraising vehicle for the New York Congregational Nursing Center and the New York Congregational Center for Community Life. The Home for the Aged Foundation acknowledges the history and support of the Congregational Churches and the original Home's beginnings nearly a century ago. We continue to grow, developing new programs to better meet the needs of our residents and community. The Foundation funds special programs for the Nursing Center residents which enhance their quality of life and permit staff to create exciting new activities and programs for resident enjoyment.


The Foundation hosts fundraising events to recognize and thank all of its supporters. The Spirit of Life Award is given to a person whose life work reflects professional contributions and excellence in a particular field or endeavor. The Harriet Righter Award is given to an organization or person that exemplifies the spirit of giving to the residents of the Nursing Center.

In 2009, the Spirit of Life Award was given to Esther Siegel EdD, RNCS and the Harriet Righter Award was given to John James Benefits, LTD, accepted by John Camiolo, President.


In 2010 we celebrated our 100 Year Anniversary honoring the past and current members of the Boards of Directors for their contribution and services.


We are extremely excited to announce that the year 2010 represents 100 years of service to the community!  Events were scheduled throughout the year in celebration of this centennial.


By making a donation to the Foundation, you will help keep the primary historical connection and help to build a bridge to the future.


2009 Honorees

Spirit of Life Award
Dr. Esther Siegel

Harriet Righter Award
John T. Camiolo, President
John James Benefits, LTD


2010 Honorees

Spirit of Life Award
Past and Present Board of Directors